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Bay View Woods Walk

music, storytelling, and arts

in collaboration with Native North Tours and Storytelling and the Bay View Association

the musicians you've heard today are Faculty Artists of the Bay View Music Festival:

Kristen Holritz, flute

Solo Fantasies by G.P. Telemann and Bruce Ashton

Josh Holritz, violin

J.S.Bach, Sonatas and Partitas・Fritz Kreisler・Rodophe Kreutzer・Jacques Fereol Mazas

Sara Fraker, oboe

Jenni Brandon, Wood Song・Karg-Elert, Etudes・Marais, La Folia ・Britten, Six Metamorphoses after Ovid 

Philip Alejo, bass

José Daniel Vargas, Canto Hondo・Yuanyuan (Kay) He, The Rain Song

We'd love to hear your feedback and impressions about today's event.

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