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Dr. Margaret Evans and Dr. Kelly Heilman of the UArizona Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research provided scientific direction for the project.


Explore the links below to learn more about their research on dendrochronology (tree-ring dating), climate, and forest resilience.

Heilman, K. et al. 2022. Ecological forecasting of tree growth: Regional fusion of tree-ring and forest inventory data to quantify drivers and characterize uncertainty. Global Change Biology. 28: 2442–2460.  READ HERE

This research, which utilizes Pinus ponderosa core data featured in Pine Chant, was highlighted in several recent media stories:


•  Eos science news: Tree Carbon Data That Ring True

•  Hearst Media primetime Earth Day special: Inside America's 'Forest Census'

•  Tucson's KVOA news: UArizona researchers predict a decine in tree growth

•  UArizona News: Future forests will have smaller trees and soak up less carbon, study suggests

Additional related research:


Klesse, S. et al. 2018. Sampling bias overestimates climate change impacts on forest growth in the southwestern United States. Nature Communications. 9:5336. READ HERE

Schultz, E. et al. 2022. Climate-driven, but dynamic and complex? A reconciliation of competing hypotheses for species’ distributions. Ecology Letters. 25:38–51. READ HERE

Evans, M. et al. 2021. Adding Tree Rings to North America’s National Forest Inventories: An Essential Tool to Guide Drawdown of Atmospheric CO2. Bioscience. READ HERE

Giebink, C. et al. 2022. The policy and ecology of forest‐based climate mitigation: challenges, needs, and opportunities. Plant and Soil. READ HERE

Giebink, C. et al. 2022. Climatic sensitivities derived from tree rings improve predictions of the Forest Vegetation Simulator growth and yield model. Forest Ecology and Management. 517:120256. READ HERE

further reading

Tree Story: The History of the World Written in Rings by Valerie Trouet, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2020. 

Hearing the Language of Trees by Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer, excerpted in Yes! Magazine (Oct 29, 2021).

Published in The Mind of Plants: Narratives of Vegetal Intelligence, ed. John C. Ryan, Patricia Viera and Monica Galiano, Synergetic Press, 2021.

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