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Fred Fox School of Music

Tucson, Arizona
Sara Fraker, Assistant Professor of Oboe

  • BM, BA, BMus.Ed., MM, and DMA degrees

  • Scholarship, Assistantship, and Fellowship opportunities

  • A vibrant and collaborative learning community

MM assistantship available for 2019-2021:

Oboe Graduate Teaching Assistant & Fred Fox Graduate Wind Quintet

More information at:

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Bay View, Michigan

  • Intensive summer chamber music study on the shores of Lake Michigan.

  • 4-week sessions of the Bay View Wind Institute focus on wind quintet performance and private study.

  • Additional musical activities include orchestra, chamber music masterclasses, reedmaking, outreach, and career development.

  • Coaching and mentoring by the Bay View Wind Quintet, faculty ensemble-in-residence.

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SAVE THE DATE for this year's event: Sunday, January 13, 12-5pm

with special guest artist Dr. Courtney Miller, Assistant Professor of Oboe at the University of Iowa.

Double reed players from across Arizona gather for Regionals/All-State etude clinics, masterclasses, recitals, and double reed choir. Students of all experience levels, elementary through adult, are welcome. This event is free and open to the public.

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I empower my students to reach their fullest potential as musicians and scholars. Together, we embark on a journey to answer many questions...

  • How might we pursue and practice – through music – the ideals of collaboration, curiosity, persistence, and personal integrity?

  • How do we imagine, and then create, beautiful sounds and colors?

  • How can we best integrate fundamentals of musicianship into our everyday explorations of tone production, technique, phrasing, style, and reedmaking?

  • How do we map the physical sensations of resonance and pulse to create effortless projection and phrasing?

  • How can we become resilient, highly adaptable, and independent learners? 

  • How can we endeavor to always say something, to be persuasive and expressive with our own musical voice?

  • Why is music critically important, and what role does it play in the human experience?

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